Friday, December 4, 2015

With Most Of Politicians

With most of politicians it does seem that it is all about me
And my family and friends and my colleagues as well as my family tree
And of course my political party whose political views are always right
For we believe we are good and just people and blessed with marvelous insight

We will support our war heroes though war came to us at a huge cost
Since we could not claim victory and many of our soldiers their lives they lost
In life we are bound to make enemies and we go to war to help a friend
And peace will not be in our lifetime of this why even pretend

The war supposed for to end all wars may have ended a century ago
And though you may forge many friendships you do not go through life without making a foe
And always some wanting to harm you one reason we send our troops to Countries afar
Our bravest and best young in battle to fight under our flag in war

Our war on terrorism it is a good thing for to help to keep us in power
In a patriotic voting population you do not win peace with a peace flower
The broadcasting of fear is a great idea for to keep the voters on side
To make life tough on everyone who does not agree with us and honor our soldiers in war who have died

We will talk of jobs and the economy and talk far less of Climate Change
On how to reduce carbon emissions is only in the minority thought range
We will not hear the rage of future generations from the dark deep depths of the grave
And we will not outflank our political opponents if the Planet we set out to save

With most politicians it does seem that it is only all about me
Our friends and political party and of course our own family
The right wing voters are in the majority to pander to them our best plan
And this is the only choice for us of staying in power for a long time span.

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