Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Back In The Late Nineteen Fifties

Back in the late nineteen fifties when i was a young boy
The memory of the music sessions of the Irish Travelers to me remain as a source of joy
Sparks from their camp fire by the Shannaknock cross in the night breeze did fly
As they sang whilst they played under the starry sky

Though they knew of discrimination a sinned against race
In their song and music sessions anyone not made to feel out of place
Great singers and musicians for to give them their due
And to their way of life they remained ever true

The warmth of their open fire kept the night chill at bay
They drank guinness and sung and sweet tunes they did play
On their tin whistles and accordions and fiddles the memories only remain
Of what used to be but will never be again

In their horse drawn caravans the Irish Travelers traveled far and wide
From country town to country town on the by roads of the green countryside
But the early sixties brought change to the traveling clan
And their horse drawn caravans were replaced by the motorized van

Though change can be a good thing it can also come at a cultural cost
For to Shannaknock cross a thing of great beauty was lost
No travelers horse drawn caravans on the Irish roads today
And all of those who remember them showing their years in gray

Despite their financial poverty they seemed happy people and of cares did seem free
And all we have are memories of the what used to be
No Irish Travelers horse drawn caravans by the Shannaknock cross today
And this is a sad thing for to have to say.

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