Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Changes In Old Millstreet Town

I hear there are changes in old Millstreet Town
Some new businesses have opened and others have closed down
And fewer pubs in Millstreet than there used to be
Time brings with it changes would you not agree?

In February in Duhallow it is a cold and wet time of year
But that all is well in Millstreet is good news to hear
As safe a place to live in now as it has ever been
Though like anywhere else changes there to be seen

In the twenty first century Duhallow great changes taking place
It used to be a barony of only one race
And Millstreet in this it's own part does play
A Parish of many new faces today

Old Millstreet does have many claims to renown
Known for it's friendly people it remains a welcoming Town
A place known to people in Lands Worldwide
In view of Clara Mountain in Duhallow's green countryside

In a Town where i lived near for many a year
Great changes occurring in Millstreet i hear
With them new people new cultures do bring
And change for the better is only a good thing.

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