Saturday, February 20, 2016

In Life As Is Said

In life as is said one must give to receive
Though on such a philosophy many do not believe
Those who only know how to take but do not know how to give
It is only by receiving they learn how to live

Kindness and compassion and generosity
Are closely related would you not agree
The greedy do seem to lack in empathy
At least anyway is how it seems to be

The people who like to perform a good deed
For their future good karma are planting the seed
The one willing to help one of helping in need
By good example is one born to lead

Compassionate people are never in the public eye
Of publicity their sort do mostly seem shy
Actions speak louder than words with them it is this way
it is not for praise or money they perform good deeds every day

In life we only receive the karma we are due
We must give to receive i believe to be true
Though some do see life in a different way
God helps those who help themselves their kind are known to say.

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