Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not Even You

You may be quite popular and known far and wide
A hero in your hometown and far beyond your home countryside
You have so many fans in their eyes you walk tall
Though not everyone loves you not even you can win them all

The sporting fans near and far know you by name
And yours it is far more than a local fame
Yet some do not like you though only a few
But this applies to everyone and is nothing new

Against the best with success you do compete
Qualified for the Olympics a marvelous athlete
You have many admirers who look on you as great
But your successes not everyone does celebrate

That you are celebrated is obviously clear
The applause of your fans you do love to hear
Though you are not a hero in everyone's eyes
And this in itself is not any surprise

Your praises your many fans do love to sing
And to know you are admired by so many joy and pride to you bring
Your photo in frame hung in many a club room wall
And though of fans you have many you cannot win them all.

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