Monday, February 15, 2016

Of Knowledge And Wisdom

Knowledge is a thing knowledgeable people get paid for to share
But the wise than the knowledgeable are far more rare
Knowledge comes from education wisdom comes from insight
Though to the human mind they both do bring greater light
The one who is wise may not be very knowledgeable and the one who is knowledgeable may not be very wise
They come from a different mental source as most people do realize
Though some seems to see them as the same the same they never could be
As different as a conifer is to an acacia though they both are a species of tree
I know or know of knowledgeable people though the wise i know or know of in the few
This is not any revelation or anything in any way new
We are in need of more enlightenment in the Human World of today
And it's true about knowledge and wisdom of self betterment they never get in the way
And sad to say of the Human World that perfection is not anywhere in sight
But the mind open to self improvement is the mind that is open to light.

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