Monday, February 15, 2016

Old Andy

Old Andy in some of his memories has laughter and tears
As he goes back in time to the long gone years
To the park in his hometown where with his young friends he played football
He has many memories of his life to recall

The woman he loved and who became his wife
For the past fifteen years has not been part of his life
She has since remarried to a younger man
Not all things in life do always go to plan

A grandfather in his mid seventies from a Land far away
Andy is showing his years in wrinkles and gray
Amiable in his ways and quite a nice old bloke
And when in the mood he can tell a good joke

Andy is one who has learned from the past
He says the love that is quick to blossom does not always last
That we all have our good and our bad times does seem true to say
And for our lessons in life always some price to pay

He left his old hometown fifty years ago
And time then on his side has now become his foe
Physically healthy though an aging grand dad
His philosophy in life take the good with the bad.

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