Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Old Joe In His Seventies

Old Joe in his seventies a well traveled man
He has been to Indonesia and China and Japan
To Canada and Brazil and the U S of A
And in Mexico and Argentina for a while he did stay

He has visited the World's great Cities a long way from home
London, Paris and New York and Tokyo and Rome
And Beijing and Capetown, Hong Kong and Bombay
He is quite a well traveled fellow of him one can say

Not too many places of significance to that he has not been
The Serengeti National Park, the Pyramids and Uluru he has seen
And Niagara Falls and he has seen the Amazon through the South American rain forests flow
And he has been to the Arctic and Antarctic the Land of ice and snow

In a motoring accident he lost Anna his pregnant wife
She was his soulmate and the great love of his life
He never remarried his three years with Anna were the happiest in life he has had
Her tragic death robbed him of the chance of becoming a dad

Old Joe has done with traveling since he is not feeling well
But of his adventurous life he has great stories to tell
But sadly for him his better days are in the distant past
And in Geelong where he was born and raised he will breathe his last.

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