Saturday, February 27, 2016

Only For The Tiny Voice

Ted came home early from work to see Ann his wife
The beautiful brunette the love of his life
In bed with Jim their neighbor in the joy of their passion him they did not see
Shocked and angry his mind became flooded with jealousy

For to bring a swift ending to their immoral sexual fun
He went to his garage for to fetch his gun
Until a tiny voice spoke in the depths of his head
Why spend your lifetime in prison for the murder of the immoral dead

He put the gun back in the drawer and drove off on his car
Out of the town his journey would take him far
And left his three months pregnant wife the unfaithful Ann
For to start a new life with her new lover man

Since then two years of his life has gone by
And on looking back the days time does seem to fly
Pending a d n a test he would only agree
To pay child allowance which did prove that Jim was the baby Girl's father not he

Only for the tiny voice in his head Ted would be in prison today
And there he would live until he died old and gray
He has a good job and he earns a good pay
And is content in his life and feeling okay.

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