Thursday, April 21, 2016

As For Me

Though stories of martyrs and war heroes in book form do readily sell
Any God is not worth dying for or any Country as well
A life taken or sacrificed for a cause is some form of murder or suicide
Though every day such things are happening Worldwide
Of their love of Country and their God and the color of their National flag
Some fundamentalist zealots are known for to brag
They help to create the division between us and they
This is how it always has been and suppose will remain this way
I do like the theory of live and let live
And to receive in life you must know how to give
Nationalism, borders, religion and racism trouble can create
They give rise to mistrust and mistrust can lead to hate
As for me i only hope for to die in the natural way
And keep on penning rhymes until my last night and day.

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