Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Doesn't Matter

The man who does wear a two hundred and seventy dollars tie
If Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he cared about Australia's homeless people he would be telling a lie
His tie cost as much as most unemployed people are expected to live on in their weekly dole
Welfare cutbacks for the Country's poorest is his idea of Government expenditure control

Our so called plastic republican with a smirk on his face
In his mind does not look up to Australia's poor battlers as an equal race
An ex merchant banker and a known billionaire
For those doing it tough his type would hardly care

Australia's alternative Prime Minister and opposition leader Bill Shorten to Malcolm in money and financial assets may not compare
But he is one who lives well with heaps of money to spare
One who does not even pay lip service to those in poverty
And will never be a friend of the people who suffer financially

Doesn't matter to me who will become the next Australian Prime Minister Malcolm or Bill
As neither of them has the principle, courage, integrity or the will
To make life better for the homeless and those living rough
Poor Australians post the twenty sixteen Federal Election as usual will be doing it tough.

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