Thursday, April 7, 2016

From The Archives Of Wisdom

From the archives of wisdom this saying i did borrow
Somebody's loss can come from the source of someone else's sorrow
A year ago today Alice's only child John in a motor car accident died
By the tragedy of his death her future happiness has been destroyed
But a twenty three year old woman with a failed heart because of his death is alive and healthy and happy today
An organ donor his heart saved her life as is said life can work in this way
Today a grieving single middle aged mother with tears remembers the son she raised to a man from a boy
Whilst a young woman a beneficiary of his heart a new lease of life does enjoy
In life as is said somebody's loss it can become another person's gain
This is an eternal truism and as such will ever remain
Out of the vagaries of life it is hard to make sense
Joy it can come to one at another's expense
Sometimes joy comes to one at another person's cost
The middle aged mother is still grieving for the son she has lost.

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