Saturday, April 30, 2016

In Life Everyone

In life everyone has their up and down times of this i too am aware
One cannot expect to go through life without having some cross for to bear
Like the loss of a dear friend for to grieve for something that makes you feel down
Or financial or poor health problems will not make you feel the happiest one in the town
Lady luck cannot always be with you everyone knows of a bad day
You cannot always be happy and cheerful life is not meant to be this way
Though laugh and the World laughs with you remains as an ever true
If you have felt happy for some while a bad day you soon will be due
Everyone have their own stories of their good and their bad days to tell
Of happy times mingled with laughter and of times of sadness as well
Life is what you do make of it as some have been known for to say
There is a time for socializing as well as for work and for play
For winners there has to be losers this is how it always will be
It is part of our human existence at least this is how it does seem to me.

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