Thursday, April 21, 2016

In Life No Guarantees

The Monarch of the Commonwealth and the U K
Her Majesty Elizabeth the second is ninety today
God Save The Queen all of the royalists do sing
But her eldest son Charles he may not live to hear God Save The King

In life no guarantees before his mother abdicates the throne Charles may be dead
And the title of Supreme Monarch would go to his eldest son William instead
Though to abdicate to some in her position to do would seem a wiser thing
To her title of Elizabeth Regina until death to she may cling

And since his mother Elizabeth in his favor the throne may not abdicate
It looks like Charles for the title of King of the U K and the commonwealth has to wait
Until her death as Supreme Monarch she is determined for to stay
At least anyhow it is looking this way

As the U K 's longest lived Monarch history she does create
Her ninetieth birthday Queen Elizabeth the second does celebrate
And since her eldest son Charles will outlive her there is no guarantee
That he may die as a Prince could very well be.

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