Saturday, April 30, 2016

Irish Day In Koroit

Most people wearing the green of Ireland such a pretty sight
On the last day of April of wind and sunlight
People for the music and song from places far away
Are in Koroit Town for Irish Festival Day

On Saturday morning the last day in April of twenty degrees
Such beautiful weather of sunshine and breeze
In the sunny blue sky woolly clouds of gray
On the flag posts in Koroit the green, white and gold flags of Ireland everywhere on display.

Where the cultural links to Ireland remain as ever strong
Irish Festival Day in Koroit is of Irish music, dancing and song
A day in the Moyne Shire when old friends do meet
In Koroit the colors and culture of Ireland prominent on every street

In Koroit Town on Festival Day the atmosphere is great
The Irish and those with links to Ireland know how to celebrate
And the beautiful weather of wind and sun
One can only say does add to the fun

The songs and music of Ireland so pleasant to hear
Irish Festival Day in Koroit only comes once a year
Smiling and happy looking faces on every street
There is always fun and laughter when the Irish do meet.

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