Friday, April 22, 2016

Jenny Williams

So sad to learn Jenny Williams has passed away
In Tasmania where she was born and raised her last remains lay
In her early sixties so young for to die
That the good do die young in her case not a lie
One without children to grieve her she was not anyone's wife
But she was a very good person and she led an honorable life
Jenny see some of the World beyond Tasmania she lived and worked in Adelaide for many years
And in Warrnambool in Victoria where she died news of her passing left her friends in tears
An attractive and kind person and always a pleasure to meet
In her not anything snobbish she was one quite free of conceit
Sad to learn she has lost her battle with cancer she did not have a painless death
But she was a person who loved life and she would have fought for her last breath
May she rest in peace Jenny Williams her journey has come to an end
She was such a beautiful person and in life she made many a friend.

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