Friday, April 29, 2016

Jim And Scott

Wherever he goes to he takes his dog with him
Scott the black and white border collie is a true friend to Jim
A far better friend to him than was Kate his ex wife
Who for the love of another walked out on his life
The bond between Jim and Scott keeps getting stronger wherever he goes to he takes his dog along
Your dog as a friend will never forsake you the bond between humans and their dogs is strong
Jim in his mid seventies Scott in his prime years he will be three in early July
Humans than dogs live years longer though time does not wait it keeps on ticking by
Ten times a granddad Jim does feel time wear as is said time becomes everyone's foe
When he was younger he could walk faster and further but going back the Seasons that was long ago
When he goes walking Scott is always with him from his master's side his dog never far
On Sunday he goes for a drive out the country Scott always happy in the back seat of the car
Jim says that Scott is his loyal companion truest and best friend he has ever known
He bought him from a border collie breeder as a puppy and between them friendship to bonding has grown.

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