Monday, April 4, 2016

John Francis Daly

Though his name may not be on the sporting memorial wall
He wore the colors of Cork and his home club of Millstreet in Gaelic Football
And in another code of football for Evergreen United in the League of Ireland he did play
Quite a unique sportsman of him one can say

John Francis Daly who was known for his sportsmanship and his football skill
First saw light of day in view of Clara Hill
Elusive with the ball and quick on his feet
A role model to us youngsters in the west of Millstreet

On the playing field he never once struck a foul blow
And our admiration for him only did grow and grow
To retaliate after a foul tackle on him and resort to rough play
He never did seem as one inclined in this way

John Francis Daly as a sportsman was in a class of his own
In the fifties he was one who became widely known
As one of the few in Ireland at Gaelic Football and Soccer who did make the grade
It is out of men like him that sporting legends are made

And only the good memories i have to enjoy
Of a Millstreet sporting hero when i was a boy
Back in the nineteen fifties sixty years ago
But eventually time becomes everyone's foe.

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