Monday, April 25, 2016

Like Father Like Son

You have heard of the old saying like father like son
And this does apply to almost everyone
The father saw action in Europe in the early forties in World war two
And in the sixties in the Vietnam war the son saw action too

Like parents like child it does seem this way
The children of anti war protesters are anti war protesters today
They are only following the example set by mum and dad
Their message to anyone willing to listen is that war is all bad

The example set you by your most valued mentors never seems to fail
The children of former jailed criminals today are in jail
Some of them are serving years of prison time
They believe their only means of living outside of prison is to resort to crime

The good or the bad things we do in life our mentors often inspire
We usually follow the example of those we admire
A wise woman once to me good advice gave
When she said your deceased mentors today are advising you from the grave

I know as individuals we can live by choice
Since everyone of us has an inner voice
But as humans the most of us are tribal and impressionable for to give us our due
And like father like son does remain ever true.

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