Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Margo And Paddy

When Margo decides to go for a walk she usually takes her dog Paddy along
It can be said that they are buddies and the bond of friendship between them is strong
To Margo her dog is devoted as most dogs to their masters are
He is always happy to be with her and loves to be taken for drives in her car

Paddy is an Irish Wheaten Terrier his blond hair is silky and fine
A hardy dog happy outdoors in all weather rain, wind or frost or sunshine
Without a vicious bone in his body with other dogs he loves to play
And so friendly to other people a lovely dog in every way

When Margo goes out without Paddy in the yard he feels sad and alone
Perhaps he is thinking in Gaelic and woofs i feel forsaken 'mavrone'
And when she returns home he feels excited and he barks to greet her at the gate
Her Paddy to her so devoted than your dog you have no truer mate

Paddy is just over two years not yet in his physical prime
To enjoy a swim in the Blue Hole his way of having a good time
Play with other dogs and chase wild rabbits he loves life of him one can say
With Paddy her devoted companion for Margo never a dull day

When Paddy is on the beach with Margo he does not seem to have a care
He races in and out of the water as frisky as a wild March hare
He is such a beautiful canine so friendly with a charm of his own
In Warrnambool Margo and Paddy to many are well liked and well known.

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