Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mid Autumn In Illowa

Quite typical mid Autumn weather behind the cloud cover of gray
Out of view in the mid evening the sun it is hidden away
A freshening wind blowing from the ocean that has it's source in Gorman's Bay
And blowing with a slight coastal drizzle it is raining in Illowa today
A few days ago humid and sunny in April the weather changes with the direction of the breeze
In a few days a huge drop in temperature from thirty down to fifteen degrees
And yet the day it is quite pleasant quite cool with light drizzly rain
And though the paddocks look green they are quite dry and not one drop of water in any drain
The migratory snow white cattle egrets are back in Illowa with the grazing herd they spend their day
Feasting on the tiny grass insects that from big trampling hooves fly out of the way
They arrive in the Moyne Shire in April and leave from mid to late Spring
To migrate it is in their Nature and Nature is an amazing thing
The rain has cleared the sun peeps through the cloud cover in Illowa a typical Autumn day
A freshening breeze blowing above the paddocks that has it's source in Gorman's Bay.

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