Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mid Autumn In Illowa

Why should i wish for a universal heaven when heaven is all around me
The wild birds of Nature are singing on every sunlit bush and tree
Near perfect weather for mid April a sunny high of twenty four degrees
More like a Summer's day than a day in mid Autumn with a cool and a refreshing breeze
Blowing above the green paddocks of Illowa from the ocean at Gorman's Bay
One cannot complain of this weather it is such a beautiful day
When Nature she is at her finest in the green coastal country out there
How can one yearn for places of beauty far beyond the Moyne Shire elsewhere
The white backed magpies are warbling and the magpie larks call out pee wee
The sounds and the sights of Mother Nature to see and to listen to free
On a beautiful afternoon in Illowa the cattle chewing their cuds whilst they rest
A gem in the crown of Australia in Victoria's coastal south west
The paddocks are looking lush and green from recent showers of April rain
With such beautiful mid Autumn weather there are not many who would complain.

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