Friday, April 22, 2016

Nuala Taylor

When Sliabh Luachra's Nuala Murphy married Duhallow's Denis Taylor she was in her glorious prime
She then became Millstreet's finest this is going way back in time
But by a recently taken photograph of her time has not become her foe
She retains most of the beauty that she had decades ago
Yet despite her striking beauty she is one free of conceit
Nuala Taylor as a person i recall a joy for to meet
Before my journey from Duhallow took me to places far
On Saturday evenings often met Nuala and Denis in Millstreet Town in the Bush Bar
There was song, dancing and music in a few hours of cheer
And we laughed and we made merry as we drank guinness and beer
Nuala of dark hair and a lovely smile was a nice person to know
She is one of those nice people who does have the inner glow
Thirty years since i last saw her yet her beauty she retain
She is one i would like to meet if i go back home again.

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