Tuesday, April 5, 2016

She Advised Me To Practice Meditating

She advised me to practice meditating though i feel i should be lamenting instead
Of my life's far too many failures and old age of me looming ahead
I know her advice well intentioned but giving advice does not cost as they say
And i feel those who need you to to feel like them need power over you in some way
This meditating can be quite serious more money in my life i need
With lots of money i could help others and this would make me happy indeed
But suppose for my small blessings i should feel grateful compared to the worries of many my biggest worry seems small
Like me they do need lots of money meditating would not help them at all
She invited me to join her in a meditation i did not answer her with a yes or a no
Such an offer is worth some consideration i told her i might yet give it a go
It's just at present i know of bouts of sadness mostly due to being financially down
And meditating will not ease the financial pressure on an aging sad sack of the town
She advised me to practice meditating but at present i am lamenting instead
Of my far too many life failures and old age of me looming ahead.

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