Sunday, April 24, 2016

Small Men With Big Egos

Far bigger than they look they act in this way
Small men with big egos i see every day
They walk with a swagger when out on the street
And they never feel out of place where the big egos meet

With a few drinks in they are spoiling for a fight
At the local pub on a Saturday night
They always pick on somebody bigger for to give them their due
At least to their well pumped egos they do remain true

That they do get themselves in trouble not any surprise
Small men with egos too big for their size
Some of them leave the pub with bloodied noses and swollen eyes
And though everyone grows older some only grow wise

To feel not lacking in confidence one of their claims to renown
Small men with big egos are in every town
Some of them in the pub do not feel physically small
Alcohol does not suit their kind at all

Though this is not saying anything that is new
Of small men with big egos there are quite a few
And it is not what you would call an uncommon sight
To see them in a brawl on a Saturday night.

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