Tuesday, April 12, 2016

T E Brown

in his lifetime he surely carved his own literary renown
The amazing Manx poet Thomas Edward Brown
Known to many as T E in his poetry his fame lives today
Arguably the Isle Of Man's greatest poet as many literary experts do say
On his sixty seventh year he passed from life one hundred and twenty years ago
That literary greatness outlives the life of the body happens to be so
T E Brown's poems today enjoyed by poetry lovers Worldwide
That his poems are a testament to his legacy of him cannot be denied
It is said about poets that they are born not made
The poems of T E Brown are a credit to the Wordsmith trade
In his life time he was one who with words who had a way
Like every poetic great he lives in his poems today
Many literary experts claim him to be the Isle Of Man's greatest poet
His name does live on as one of Worldwide literary note.

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