Friday, April 15, 2016

The Honorable Fellow

The remains of the honorable fellow in the cemetery laid to rest today
For to help those in need of helping he always went out of his way
One who loved his wife and his children he worked hard for his every pay
He was one who of anybody had never an unkind thing to say
He passed from life in his mid fifties his death of cancer painful and slow
And surely of a much better ending this good man of deserved to know
One who lived by a code of honor many good deeds by him done
A credit to his deceased father and mother in him they did raise a good son
Every town needs an honorable fellow though honorable fellows are rare
In empathy they are not lacking and of the needs of others are aware
By cancer that has claimed the lives of many his life it was shortened by years
Today at the funeral of the honorable fellow his friends and his family in tears
Some five years short of his sixth decade of time not a very long span
May he rest in peace the honorable fellow he was such a wonderful man.

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