Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Local Casanova Matt

He is choosy of his the type of woman the local casanova Matt
Most of the women he know of to him not attractive some too thin and others too fat
His last girlfriend Jo quite attractive it is said she did give him the flick
She felt he was far too conceited and with him she refused for to stick
Though this has not deflated his ego in self confidence he never will lack
He says she will not find his equal but when she asks him to he will not have her back
On Matt's behalf an ego saving statement for in his mind he must realize
That if Jo did ask him to take her back it would be more than a surprise
Since it was Jo dumped him in the first place on the day she walked out of his life
Next month she is due to be married she will become a lucky man's wife
Matt has convinced himself he is a gift to the young nubile kind
Yet for him one can only feel sorry his ego does control his mind
Humanity is made up of all sorts as the wise have been known for to say
And Matt is not the only egotistical male in the Human World of today.

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