Monday, April 11, 2016

The Pride Of Carrigadrohid

The Pride of Carrigadrohid where might she be today
Did she marry and raise children or stay single and in Carrigadrohid did she stay
Or did she leave the Leeside country for places far away?
I recall i last saw her on an evening in May
At the Cork Greyhound Track cheering her dog on in a race
As near to the finish line he raced into first place
Celebrating her dog's race win her friends her did embrace
Her wavy brown hair blowing in the wind a smile of delight on her face
But on going back the Seasons this now seems long ago
And time as we know becomes everyone's foe
The Pride of Carrigadrohid in her prime lovely to behold
Though doubtless time would have left her looking old
Her best years in life in the forever gone
And the clocks on all of our lives do keep ticking on.

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