Tuesday, April 5, 2016

These Human Created Negatives

By war, terrorism and climate many hopes and dreams have been destroyed
And for these reasons many people have prematurely died
These human created negatives seem out of control
And on far too many young lives have taken their toll

In a World where people are dying of malnutrition and different forms of violence every day
For our promotion of religion and our neglect of the natural environment this is the price we do pay
Add to these nationalism, racism and class distinction which does seem Worldwide
Only so many more reasons that so many have needlessly died

It is said if we all thought in the same way how very boring we would be
But having this said it does seem difference does lead to lack of harmony
This is when the point of difference is taken to the extreme
Rationalism does become the big loser or at least so it does seem

Suppose when in our ways and in our thinking apart we do grow
Of a harmonious World to live in suppose of we will never know
Otherwise do pay every individual the respect that to her or him that is due
And treat everyone with respect as you would like them to treat you.

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