Saturday, April 16, 2016

Young Lenny

His ego is always well pumped since praise does go to his head
And the smirk of the smugness is on his face when nice things about him are said
Lenny is an egotistical fellow so full of his own self conceit
He walks with an obvious swagger on his way to the pub down the street
Too much praise is not good for Lenny with his own sense of self importance he gets carried away
One of those into self promotion his kind are not rare one might say
He is rather fond of the limelight one not lacking in self esteem
On that respect just one of many his kind are not rare it does seem
He thinks he is a gift to women though all women who know of him with this does not agree
Some women see him as too cocky and egotistical for one of twenty three
Lately his partner Marie left him for another to his ego a bit of a blow
Like the barnyard rooster when bested of late he does not have much about for to crow
He does seem as cocky as ever though he has had a love disappointment of late
Young Lenny as usual walks with a swagger his ego is hard to deflate.

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