Sunday, May 29, 2016

As For Those Who Worry

So many do worry of things way beyond their control
And of the mind and body health this takes a heavy toll
Those who are prone to worry their worries seem to grow
Which is not good for their constitution and of health problems of they do know
Those who are prone to worry do worry night and day
And one worry leads to another it always seems this way
The people known to worry their moods are often black
And some of them die of cancer and some of a heart attack
I pity every worrier they always look so sad
Worrying does not rid them of their problems only make them twice as bad
There is so much to like in those who laugh their cares away
The joy they have in living they share with others every day
And as for those who worry it is only sad to say
That their worries do grow bigger with every passing day.

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