Saturday, May 21, 2016


Dunkeld of the Geriwerd with a charm of it's own
For it's scenic beauty it is widely known
Where Mt Sturgeon and Mt Abrupt does ever look down
On the countryside of the Southern Grampians around Dunkeld Town
A place for it's beauty that is widely known
Of hospitable people with a charm of their own
A nice place to visit or for a longer stay
From the big Town of Hamilton only thirty kilometers away
The subject of story, of song and of rhyme
Mt Sturgeon and Mt Abrupt are so old in time
By those old hills the bones of the first Australians lay
The descendants of the people of Dreamtime not living near Dunkeld today
By the Geriwerd Ranges for it's beauty well known
A nice little Town with a charm of it's own.

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