Monday, May 23, 2016

It Saddens Me More Than A Bit

It saddens me more than a bit to think i will not live to see
When between race and gender there will be equality
Considered to be inferior by your sexuality and the color of your skin
Some battles in life are not easy to win

Racism and sexism as ever seem rife
So sadly they do seem part of human life
Gender and racial inequality are with us today
Some things slow to change it does seem this way

Add to these sexual preference which many people choose to hide
Because of prejudice a well founded fear in Countries Worldwide
The age of unenlightenment we are told is in the long gone
But prejudice as we all know today does live on

Though free speech as such should never be a crime
A Human World free of prejudice will not be in my lifetime
In this so called age of enlightenment some in their thinking are small
And when they talk of a fair go they do not mean a fair go for all.

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