Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Likeable Fellow

A good living person he never harms anyone
His mum and his dad in him raised a good son
One who loves his family as well as his wife
So sad for to hear he is battling for life

A grandad in his mid sixties three decades past his prime
He has been unwell only for a brief time
Undergoing chemotherapy and feeling quite ill
As he fights lung cancer a disease known to kill

One who makes others happy he does love to sing
To parties and social gatherings joy with him he bring
A likeable person in him nothing bad
And at news of his illness so many feel sad

He enjoyed a few beers and loved music and song
And often at the local pub led the sing along
One who did work hard for his every pay
It is karma gone wrong in his life one can say

It is a fact we are born as mortals and fact never lie
But not every victim of cancer does die
One hopes he survives for to see in the Spring
The likeable fellow who does love to sing.

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