Saturday, May 28, 2016

When Time Seems To Stand Still

On my many flights of fancy i go back many a Spring
The bells of old St Davids in my memory they ring
Above the coastal potato fields in the prime of the May
When i visualize in fancy i can hear them ring today

The tatie hokers picking potatoes their backs bent to the sky
Above the cliffs of the ocean the airborne gulls did cry
And the bells of old St Davids so beautiful to hear
In the calm of the evening in the Springtime of the year

Tatie hoking not an easy life or not an easy way
Even for strong and fit young men for to earn a living pay
But this was many years ago and only memories remain
Of a way of life that used to be of hard work for little gain

Above the brown potato fields carrying in the winds of rain
The bells of old St Davids i hear them ring again
The airborne gulls are mewing high above Lleithy hill
How great the gift of memory is when time seems to stand still.

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