Thursday, June 16, 2016

An Outsider

A handsome looking young man well built and tall and lean
He always looks well dressed and clean
By young single women the most sought after young single man of the town
Their eyes follow him as the flags of the street he walks up and down

But their curiosity with their amorous thoughts blend
Why he does not seem to have a girlfriend
He always is only seen on his own
And so little about him is known

The local macho fellows do say
About him he has an effeminate way
That he has never been seen to kick a football
And he does not show any interest on sport at all

That due to community disapproval and family pride
His sexual preference in his closet he hide
So judgemental in their small way
Yet they cannot say if he is or is not gay

Perhaps he should leave to live elsewhere
In some bigger town in the World out there
Where his would be a stranger's face
And he would not feel so out of place

It can be said of those who are different that they are not the most loved in any town
So many judgemental tribal people only too willing in words to put them down
That many local young women admire him does not at all suit them well
And of him they have their own stories and many lies for to tell.

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