Thursday, June 30, 2016

Everywhere I Turn To Look

Everywhere i turn to look i do see
The beauty of Nature that is all around me
A beauty that has inspired the makers of story and rhyme
That will live on forever through the Seasons of time

Though in the depths of Winter in late June near the first of July
The sun shining bright in the blue and gray sky
The flute of the magpie so pleasant to hear
On a beautiful day for the time of year

With such nice Winter weather how can one complain
The countryside looking green after the recent rain
On a high leafless branch of a sunlit deciduous tree
The magpie larks sing their distinctive pee wee

The beauty of Nature will be living on
When i am one of the long forgotten gone
The fact is us humans are mortals and fact never lie
But Nature is the one who will never die

For late June in Winter quite a beautiful day
A freshening breeze blowing uphill from the bay
Above the undulating green coastal countryside
Where the scenic beauty around me stretches far and wide.

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