Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Had My Daydreams

Most people have their daydreams in life to pursue
Though daydreams for many not known to come true
I too was a daydreamer decades ago
Long before time that rusts iron did become my foe
I used to daydream that i would be a poet
Famous and wealthy and of Worldwide literary note
But my younger years went quickly and time is on the wing
And of the praises of others i only do sing
It has been many years since i lived in view of Clara Hill
Or seen the brown flood in the Claramore Rill
Or heard a male pheasant in a rushy field crowing
With the mild breeze of Spring in Claraghatlea blowing
I had my daydreams in old fields far away
But daydreams are just that as the wise one does say.

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