Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It Was My Love For Adventure

It was my love for adventure in the big World out there
That brought me to this southern Land from elsewhere
My dreams and ambitions in life to pursue
But such things for everyone do not come true

Everyday brings me nearer to my final Spring
But for as long as i can do to life i will cling
Since the fact is we are mortals and fact never lie
And on some future date i am destined to die

I feel i have been luckier than many women and men
As in years i am on the doorstep of three score and ten
So many good people i knew or knew of have died young
And sadly their praises will never be sung

A beautiful Country of a pleasant climate this Land of the south
Where from place to place the scenery changes as you drive about
Home to marsupial animals and species of birds some of them quite rare
And well worth a visit for those with money to spare

Every migrant has some village, town or city or place to call home
To the migrant Athenian it is Athens to the migrant Roman it is Rome
And to me first home is Claraghatlea in view of Clara Hill
In distance a short walk to the Claramore Rill.

It was my love of adventure that lured me away
From the place where i first looked on the lamp of day
And though my best physical years are in the long gone
For as long as i can do i will keep living on.

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