Monday, June 13, 2016

Old Davy

Though they may never be published in book form to sell
Of his travels he has many stories to tell
Old Davy says he has been there and done that
Before time did catch up on him and for working he grew too old and fat

In the tropics of Queensland the State of Sunshine
He worked as a shearer and in a coalmine
Worked on building sites in Melbourne and Sydney and in Adelaide
And in his years of travels many friendships he made

He does not have children or never had a wife
But he had had many sexual affairs in his life
On his travels in different towns but that was years ago
Before time that rusts iron did become his foe

Most of the women he made love to are grandmothers today
And time has left him looking chubby and gray
Still Davy in his late seventies has not lost his taste for beer
As ever he enjoys the pub atmosphere

A paid up member of the local football club
On Saturday evening in the local pub
Old Davy is always in the mood for story and song
And he always does join in the pub sing along.

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