Friday, June 10, 2016

On Happiness

In the mind that is angry and bitter for happiness there is no room
Like in a garden that is covered in thistles you will never see a flower in bloom
Money may bring you admirers and with money new friends you can win
But money cannot buy you happiness since happiness is a gift within
The minds of some lucky people as the wise person does say
People who are always happy must have been born this way
I know of a few happy people and i find them a pleasure to meet
They always do carry joy with them and share it when walking the street
It is not a gift of the many only few are known it to possess
The Human World would be sadder without those who possess happiness
A smile may not cost you money but it only does seem true to say
That those who smile at you in greeting bring a little joy to your day
Happiness cannot be purchased it is a rare gift of the mind
And people who are known to be happy to anyone are never unkind.

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