Saturday, June 4, 2016

On The Passing Of Muhammad Ali

In every news bulletin a sad news of the day
In Phoenix Arizona Muhammad Ali has passed away
The man born in Louisville Kentucky as Cassius Clay
The three times World Heavyweight Boxing Champion one with words never short of things to say

As a character and a boxing champion Muhammad Ali was truly a great
His legend to it will not have a use by date
His fights with Liston and Frazier and Foreman will always be talked of and written about
That he was a great champion has to go without doubt

At seventy four years he breathed his last he was not very old
But stories about him will always be written of and told
In his own words he floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee
But even the greatest are born to mortality

There are some things in human life beyond one's control
Parkinson's disease of his once strong body eventually took it's toll
In his Hometown of Louisville Kentucky the last remains to lay
Of one of the all time great sportsmen of the U S of A

The sad news of the day Muhammad Ali has died
The man who became famous and was known Worldwide
The last breath of life from his body may be forever gone
But the legend he created will surely live on.

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