Wednesday, June 8, 2016

So Much Human Blood

So much human blood has been shed in the names of god and liberty
But one war leads to another is how it does seem to be
In this age of terrorism so many civilians maimed for life or die
That most people do not learn from war does not seem to be a lie
That some people do find pleasure in inflicting on others pain
And maim and murder for enjoyment seems beyond one to explain
For their families one can only feel sympathy
Those who do commit such foul acts bereft of compassion and empathy
Civilians every day in acts of terrorism badly injured or dying in the foulest way
That the side affects of war now bad as war itself does seem so sad to say
Years of suicide and car bombings for war is the price we pay
War men do not grow wiser they just grow old and gray
Every day in towns and cities people in acts of terrorism injured and dying
Those who talk of the enlightened age without realizing so are lying.

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