Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Same For

The same for the billionaire as for you and i
One day sooner or later we are going to die
If not of an accident or of old age then of an illness maybe
Like every life form us humans are born to mortality

Eventually life's reaper some night or day
For to claim life's breath from you will come reaping your way
From the one who claims lives there is nowhere for you to hide
Death does not differentiate between people Worldwide

The reaper of lives treats human life and all other life forms as the same
The one who cannot be influenced by money or fame
The reaper of lives to anyone not a friend
The journey in life for all does have an end

Death who makes the people of wealth and renown
As only equal to the poorest and the financially down
Will eventually claim the breath of life from me
On some future date whenever that be.

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