Thursday, June 23, 2016

There Is More To Millstreet

A place that is known for sports people of renown
But there is more than sports to old Millstreet Town
For it's friendly people it's reputation has grown
One reason that Millstreet has become widely known

In view of old Clara above Claramore
For it's scenic countryside Millstreet is to the fore
An old Town and place that is known far and wide
Beyond the borders of Duhallow's green countryside

If ever you visit the Town Of Millstreet
More than one friendly face you are bound for to meet
Some who have visited Millstreet for a holiday
Have returned to there for a much longer stay

To a hospitable ancestry Millstreet people their history can trace
They feel proud of their Town and have a sense of place
Even migrants of Millstreet in Lands far away
Do yearn to return to their Hometown one day

Millstreet in Duhallow has a charm of it's own
And for it's hospitable people it is widely known
Where you are greeted by many a friendly and smiling face
As a visitor to Millstreet you will not feel out of place.

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