Saturday, June 11, 2016

This Is How It Ought To Be

I have done my bit of traveling and lived and worked in many a town
And i have mixed with many races of black and white and brown
I treat people as they treat me all are equal all the same
People treat me as i treat them never call me out of name
There are good and not good people in every creed and race
Never judge one where they come from or the color of their face
Like the sheep and dog and donkey death too is for you and i
Death makes everybody equal everybody has to die
Your name may never appear on any memorial wall
But if you live as a good person and believe on a fair go for all
You are helping to make the World far better to live in
Does not matter where you come from or the color of your skin
I can only treat a person as this person does treat me
Live and let live as the saying goes this is how it ought to be.

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