Saturday, June 11, 2016

When All Things In Life

When all things in life for you is going wrong
It is hard to feel in the mood for laughter and song
Out of work on the dole in a high unemployment town
Feeling at times suicidal and financially down

With a wife and two young children to support and food and clothes to buy and bills and rent for to pay
For you and your family many a hungry day
And so many like you in the suburb not through their own fault unemployed
It truly does seem that luck is not on your side

Your journey in life for you has become rough
It is hard for to smile when you are doing it tough
Before your job was made redundant happiness you did know
But it is so hard to feel happy when your finances are low

Of hard times of late you are one who has known
One of the many unemployed through no fault of your own
And though hand outs from the State does little for your sense of pride
You will not surrender to thoughts of suicide.

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