Friday, June 3, 2016

Willie Joe Shine

He was a legend of his time
In my boyhood years he was in his prime
The champion cross country runner of Boherbue Willie Joe Shine
Often took the tape at the finish line

Against the best he did compete
He was a wonderful athlete
But that was many years ago
Before time did become his foe

At his best when the course was wet and rough
He loved it when the going was tough
Never found to be wanting when put to the test
He competed against and beat the best

Though good memories of him with me stay
So sad to learn that he has passed away
He did his club Meelin and Duhallow proud
And the cheering for him was often loud

Humble in victory and gracious in defeat
At cross country in his prime the one to beat
In Cork County cross country races he often led the way
Men like him are quite rare today

In fancy when i visualize
I see him race up the steep rise
A man among athletic men he was a champion in his prime
Though this is going way back in time.

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