Friday, June 24, 2016

With Words J J Callanan

Far from Cork in Portugal his last remains do lay
With words J J Callanan was one who had a way
His poems have long outlived him and are widely read today
What is great does stand the test of time as the wise one does say
Gougane Barra and The Convict Of Clonmel live as memories to his name
And the Recluse Of Inchydoney and The Outlaw Of Lough Lene do have a widespread fame
And though he did not live to a great age he died as rather young
Today his poems are widely read and his songs are often sung
It can be said of Callanan that he wrote in perfect rhyme
His literary works were born of genius and have withstood the test of time
He left Ireland for health reasons Winters there for him too wet and cold
But in Portugal he died young he was not meant to grow old
In Ireland J J Callanan remains as one of literary note
And it truly can be said of him that he was a marvelous poet
Since he left Ireland for Portugal near two centuries in time has gone
But the beauty in his short life he created today is living on.

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